Friday, January 14, 2011


This is the cake roll  recipe that was shared to me by Ligaya, one of my friends at Las Vegas Country Club. She used to bake this for her grandkids.  One time she came to my house and gave me one and I have John ate  them..Luckily John liked it so much that i have to ask her for her secret recipe.  Since then, I always bake this for John and my Tatay Edes who lives in Los Angeles during that time. For John's version my filling would be strawberry preserves and for my Tatay i will put macapuno or ube filling.

Here’s the cake roll….recipe.
You need a bowl to mix the following
5 egg yolks
1 cup of rising flour
¼ cup oil
¼ cup pineapple juice
½ cup white sugar

another bowl to mix the following

5 egg whites
½ white sugar
a pinch of cream of tartar

you would also need the jelly roll cake pan, standard or regular size lang, put cutrite ba or whatever you call  it…..spread butter para di dumikit ang cake

Preheat mo na oven while beating….both….to 375 degrees.

if you have the beater,  beat the egg white first then gradually add sugar and cream of tartar, full speed until thick and creamy.

Then you can use the same electric beater and go to the next bowl with eggs yolk..sabay lahat ingredients..beat until smooth….

Then this yolk batter, slowly pour on the egg white mixture,  slowly dahan dahan I mix with spatula and make sure that light lang ang paghalo, para di mamatay iyong bula ng egg white.

Then pour everything on the greased pan…kasyang kasya lang ito, spread evenly with a spatula….. insert in the preheated oven..

Mga 10-15 minutes lang ito…lagi mo silipin sa labas, pero huag buksan…you can already smell the aroma of the cake… kapag brown na ang top turn off the oven and open the door for a while sabi nung nagturo sa akin huag biglain ang paglabas kasi baka mag sink ang cake….pero after 5 minutes  puede na

What I do, I get a cutrite again na greased with butter….tapos I placed it on top of the cake… then invert mo na ang pan…..alisin ang bottom paper  then puede mo nanag ilagay ang filling…sa icing  puedeng jelly or jam  lang pinoy tayo, puedeng makapuno or ube jam sarap/  tapos siempre mainit pa iyong cake..dahan dahan mong I roll pahaba, puede rin iyong maiksi ,kaya lang super taba naman iyon… iyong nasa picture isang mahaba then I cut in the middle para dalawang short…then slowly remove the cutrite.

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